Friday, August 25, 2006


i'm a blogger you're a blogger we are bloggers all
i will probably get the hang of this sooner or later and not feel like so much of a goon writing to myself (and all of you peeping toms out there)
maybe i will tell you about the name momosarah. there is a japanese folk tale called momotaro. it is about an old couple who discover a boy inside of a peach. their long awaited son came to them in a peach (momo means peach in japanese). what a way to enter the world. well, my son gus, who did not arrive in a peach, wrote me a note that said 'i (heart) you momo' on a paper plate at a pizza restaurant. to him momo was the way to spell mama, and it just made me so happy, and then i thought of peachboy.
i spent a large part of last weekend in a peach of my own. the children and i picked about 50 lbs of peaches at a local farm and boy howdy i was up to my elbows in peach juice for a few days canning and freezing them. we even got to eat peach cobbler and peach salsa. the sight of those jars of peaches just made my heart swell. i guess you could say i love peaches and so momosarah is a good name for me.