Sunday, June 20, 2010


June has been slithering by. I often hear myself and others say that we are 'busy'. What are we busy doing? Well, here is some of it.
The first week in June was the annual ballet recital. The girls had a fabulous time being on stage, as they always do, and we had a visit from Uncle Phil and soon-to-be-Auntie Jaimee. Here are some photos:
Robert must have photos of the gals in their costumes on his camera, because I don't have any--I was holding baby Forest. Gus is here, holding him, and this is my impression of the photo--how long do we have to wait for the girls to get ready??

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Pictures of us??

So, the rest of the troupe was wondering if I ever take photos of them anymore. In particular Mr. Gus. Wham... that's enough to make me step back and check out my parenting. Yes I still love my biggies, when there is a little--I just get caught up in the little one, since he is in my arms constantly (although he did take his first stroller ride.... that's for another post). Then, suddenly I catch a glimpse of the big kid standing next to the bookshelf, and lo and behold, he can reach the top shelf without even stretching. The former little can get a glass down from the cupboard without a stool or jumping up on the counter (my fave tactic). Hair gets brushed by its owner. A room which was formerly hard to walk through on a good day stays tidy for weeks on end, "so that I can find stuff!" And yet, and yet.... the snuggles happen less often and the story is sometimes cut short or traded for everyone reading out of his or her own book before bed, owies are mended by bandaids and salve--no kisses needed. I am caught in the act of staring at all of my children who are growing and transforming before my very eyes--and sometimes behind my back--and not just the infant! I have to remind myself each day to slow down, make the moments last and feel groovy, because in a few more short years--fewer than I've been a parent already, they will be off on their own adventures. I am their mother and I went on many many adventures before I had them. I am raising them to be adventurous and hope that everything that we do together will prepare them for the time when we are no longer together. I don't know what will prepare me for that same eventuality, but it is out there and I would rather not rush towards it at the speed of light---I'd rather slow down to the speed of love, where there is time for hugs and snuggles, kisses and stories, hand holding and lap sitting, even if I am tired and sore from holding and feeding their little brother--I must make time for these things before they are not needed or wanted.
Yeah, I have pictures of them, but not any real good ones. I know what my weekend will have in it. Now if they would just come home from their friends houses!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Tempest Fugit

Time flies when you are having fun, and time flies faster when you have a small baby. Our baby is no longer small. He is big. I don't know how much he weighs, but it is enough that his sisters do not want to hold him forever anymore--they cannot because their arms give out. I think of things to write about our lives on this here blog all the time, throughout my days, and when the end of the day comes, I am (usually) in bed sleeping with said large baby, a good place for a mama to be. However, I wanted to post some photos and say something profound. I'm going to settle for the photos.