Saturday, April 04, 2009

Some Kids!

As I mentioned in the 'yomimono' section (which means 'things to read' in Japanese), we are reading Charlotte's web again. Taking a little idea from E.B. White's masterpiece (yes, I do think it is a masterpiece), I made up a little spiderweb sign that said, "Some Kids" in it and hung it in the corner of our front window the other day. And truly, rather than having days where I just tear my hair out wondering how I will last until bedtime, we have been having some rocking awesome times. I read a daily inspirational thing called Enjoy Parenting by a guy named Scott Noelle, and he is all about having Some Kids, no matter what you or your kids are like. They're so funny though, they say, "Mom, did YOU write that?" I just feign ignorance. They fall for it. Some Kids.
These photos are from the walk up to Multnomah Falls. It was a little long because a little Lucy did NOT really want to make it the whole way, but she did. Then, she got really mad at me for MAKING her go, because I KNEW it was going to be muddy and that she would fall down in her Dorothy Dress. Hmmmm. Some Mom.

kid thoughts

me: whatcha doin gus?
gus: getting ready?
me: (to go outside?) oh, what kind of guy are you?
gus: Oh, i just like to dress up. I like to wear airy clothes that puff out when I swing, not hot sweaty heavy stuff. And, CAPES!

me thinking: oh i'm so glad he's not done with that part of his life yet.

here's a photo of gus and his buddy. i think they're indiana jonesing: