Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Wee wee wee all the way Home!

We made it, just like that last little piggy.  All the way to our new home in Beaverton, OR.  We did not travel by prairie schooner, Conestoga (or Calistoga as R. often says), covered wagon or on foot.  We had only about 97 miles to go, rather than a couple thousand.  And, it's a dang good thing, because we had a whole heck of a lot of stuff packed into that little house in the big woods.  We took 3 truckloads, had lots of help on both ends (Thank YOU everyone including neighbors, friends who took extra kids and family) and no babies were harmed in the operation.  In fact, everyone seems no worse for the wear, excepting maybe the grown-ups who are crossing their fingers that the hot tub guy who is coming tomorrow can really fix that thing.  We hope y'all will come and visit sometime, because for suburbia, our shady peak is a sweet spot.  We will miss our last sweet spot forever, I am sure.  So many friends and we have said, "Well, maybe you'll be back"  Right now, we are going to enjoy being all together as a family on a daily basis, having family dinners (they will save the world), going on new walks nearby, getting new library cards, and being from Aloha.  Aloha.