Welcome to PhotoSunday!
Current theme is PETS
Take a photo (or several) using this theme and post to the flickr group
or email them to me at
  by Sunday March 25, 2012
We took our photos and shared them last sunday, but feel free to share:

PhotoSunday! is a new project we're doing with our kids, who recently acquired their own digital cameras, and want to learn how to use them.  Together we are getting to know the techniques, terminology, styles, design elements, and much much more about photography.  Please join us as we explore the world through this amazing medium!  Every two weeks we will have a new theme, and our family's plan is to have a short discussion on Sunday afternoon about our photos:  
What do you like about it?  Did it turn out how you wanted it to?  How would you change it?  What technique did you use?  What were your settings?  What design elements did you use?  How did your position effect the photo?  How about the sun's position?  And, so much more!  We'd love to have you along on this fun journey!  
p.s. This project is not limited to kids or people with kids!
Theme for 4/17/2011:  Spring!


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