Thursday, October 26, 2006

Summer's all gone. Orange you glad?

As we drove home from our very first parent-teacher conference tonight, I felt the chill, saw the leaves a changin' and realized that the summer is really gone. Now, I know it's been gone for quite a while, but I think I've been revelling in this beautiful cool/clear weather so much, that it seemed like it was still here. October is truly the best month of this year, so far. I have to go out, probably on Saturday, after the big Halloween shindig at school and lay my dearly departed garden to rest.
I am really digging on orange right now. I don't think it's from being surrounded by Beaver fans, either. The color of sungold tomatoes, well, I've been wanting to paint them all summer. And the pumpkins, oh the pumpkins, they're just as lucious as always. I just started some new mittens for Ella to match her coat, that are a lovely color called 'Orange you glad.' The other night I helped a 8 year old start on a little mousey and he's going to end up being orange too. I do feel glad, not that summer is over but just that there are so many lovely orange and yellow things to beautify my world right now.