Sunday, February 15, 2009

superheros and such

it's funny the things ya hear when you are cooking and the kids are playing in the next room. we had a buddy over the other day, and the playmobil and pirate ship came out of gus' room, and from there ensued a major 'game' of which the superhero was none other than Leonardo DaVinci. two boys, aged 8 and 10 spent over 2 hours inventing new adventures for 'davinci' or sometimes 'leonardo.' at least some of this was prompted by our recent visit to OMSI's new exhibit about the maestro. of course, my ears perked up when they first started including his name in their game. and of course, it was not his lovely PAINTING or SCULPTURE that these wee men are in awe of. nope. 'did you know he invented a tank?' 'yah, i saw a model of it at omsi, it was so cool' 'yah he invented so much cool stuff, huh?' of course, the peacemama in me would have liked it if they were into his more artistic side, but i thought it was pretty fun that 'where's davinci?' was heard at all in my living room. and he was EVERYWHERE, doing EVERYTHING inventing new stuff, and being a veritable superhero, just like he probably was in real life.

today, the 'game' was more domestic. another buddy was over. all of the children were involved. there were moms, dads, cousins, babies, jobs (mailman, jockey) and lots of action. the superheros of everyday. my heart swelled with pride, when a new baby was being born and gus said, 'where's the nurse? let's pretend she's a midwife.' and then, 'the baby comes out between the mom's legs, no the head goes the other way..' gigglegigglegiggle. 'oh it's a baby! googoo googo mamamama' 'babies don't talk when they first come out!' 'oh yah, they just want to drink milk.' yup, pretty much.

here's a baby recently born, and my baby, who needs all your well wishes as she gets used to dad being far far away:

Sunday, February 08, 2009

growin, changin, livin, lovin.

meet the members of the rainbow shadows theatre. their first performance was a production of 'the elf and the shoemaker'
the venue was beneath gus' new bed. robert worked very hard, with some help from our neighbor, even, and some from gus and the girls, sanding, planing, measuring, drilling and finally bolting together this lovely bed, which started as nothing but 2x6's and some 2x4's.

it was fun to see the project come together. robert was unsure if the frame that holds the bed would actually fit into the loft frame, but it did, perfectly. now we just get to sit back and see what the next production of the rainbow-shadows theatre might be.