Thursday, October 07, 2010

Mom! You ruined my day!

uhhh.... Yes, this is what my lovely seven year old said to me, with the appropriate amount of eye rolling included just for extra emphasis.
This is how our day went: We got up and I made some (gluten-free!) pancakes for breakfast while the kids folded some laundry and listened to a story on CD--Now, I know what you're thinking, I'm such a slave driver! Well, the day wasn't ruined just yet. Actually that pill was swallowed easily, maybe because it had a pancake chaser. The baby decided to take a nap at 9:30, weird but true.
Then, violin practicing--also awesome because she 'gets' the new tune, and her brother volunteered to help her learn it, while I made the kitchen cleaner than it's been in weeks (thanks to my new aromatherapy vinegar spray. = water, vinegar and tea-tree--also anti bacterial.)
Meanwhile, her sister took a bath and then changed and dressed the baby in several different kinds of stripes. Rock on, brother.
We left on time, got to the barn on time, and had a lesson in trotting on a sweet lovable old gal named Amber, after which she had a lunch of requested items: leftover pancakes, peppers, apples and peanut butter.
Then, she got to hang out at the barn for several more hours with her friend and sister while the boys and I went into town. I believe she got to scoop horse poop. This was actually exciting for her.
The boys and I bought a pair of men's size 9 shoes for the big bro. BIG bro. Little bro fell asleep, shoe shopping is not his bag.
We had a fiddle lesson, and ate a wholesome lunch ourselves, and checked several stores for a lost hat. :( We even went to the library to try to get the last Harry Potter book for reading material on the plane.
We dropped big bro off at a friend's house so he could help destroy the Millennium Falcon, and start building a lunar station.
The baby and I drove back to the barn to pick up 3 girls for dance. In the car, they played they were horses and decided what colors their manes were and what their names would be. They had their first practice for the Nutcracker as angels, big sis had her first as a palace dancer. I think we left her dance bag there because it is nowhere to be found at home or in the car.
We dropped her friend off and I said it was only a drop off, and ended up staying for way too long chatting and wondered how I was going to make dinner at home. Our friends invited us to stay if we could supply chips, cumin and avocados--yes yes and yes...
Off to pick up the brother, and said items.
Two more hours into an unexpected play date, with yummy dinner and good company, it was time to leave, and that's when the above comment made its appearance.
"Would 10 more minutes with your friend make it less likely for you to feel like I ruined this day?"
Sometimes you just have to say yes to having a good day the WHOLE day.

Saturday, October 02, 2010