Thursday, September 06, 2007

Another day....

Well, that was actually yesterday, Wednesday, and today is another day. My ankle is turning lots of pretty colors now, and after making dinner and pretending that nothing was wrong because I didn't want to be in bed all day again, it's pretty dang swollen. However, we have had a nice day, which included a rare event, a MOVIE! For those of you who haven't seen it, 'Miss Potter' is really lovely. I think I have been enchanted by Beatrix Potter's watercolors since first seeing them as a kid, and fell in love with them again, when our Doula, Kelley, and her family gave us a set of 12 when Gus was born. I still remember his tiny face looking so intelligent as he really listened to us read The Tale of Peter Rabbit the night after he was born. The children have all agreed that a weekly (at least) art time outside would be just the thing to help us all be a bit more like Beatrix. A lot of the movie was over their heads, especially all of the social nicety stuff, but they did enjoy the art.
Seeing the film made me wish Ella and I had adventured to the Lake District whilst in England. Alas, we did not, but here are a few gratuitous English Countryside shots to tide me over until I Flickr the rest of my photos:

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