Monday, December 10, 2007


Well, the visits from the 'rellies' commence tomorrow.  The past week has been a bit trying with me focusing too much on other things and letting my mothering slide a big bunch.  Today, I tried to take a different tack and insert humor when I could, and whadya know, it worked.  The checker at the co-op even complimented me, and helped me in a moment of not so much grace, when Gus started consuming something before it was purchased.  I would have liked to have shared with you the nearly final kid image of the evening (before the discussion of who would sit where for storytime) in picture format, but I will just have to paint a word picture, because by the time I got my camera out of the car and into the house and defogged, the moment was over.  
So, here it is:   After doing as much of the mopping of the kitchen floor as she could possibly do by herself,  Ella joined Gus and Lucy, who had been miraculously peaceful and quiet during the mopping, and when I came upon them Gus and Ella were doing a new puzzle that Gus got and Lucy was combing Gus' hair.  Hmmmmm.  Peace through grooming, I guess.  It makes sense since they're such a bunch of monkeys anyway.  

In lieu of the grooming photo, I would like to share this one.  The kids are thrilled with the new washing machine, mostly because of the box.  It doesn't have a good place to be permanently so we have to fold it up behind the couch and bring it out when we can.  It is good to remember that they DO know how to share and cooperate!

OH and please check out this video about STUFF

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