Saturday, June 28, 2008


The livin is easy.
The temperature is high (90's today!)
Mama is hot
Daddy is cookin,
Hush little doggy, don't you bark.

Today we went to check out the charter school that is opening in the fall in our neighborhood. We have the registration papers, and now need to make a decision about whether to continue to homeschool or go to school. This is occupying my thoughts a bunch. I'll keep ya posted.

It was so so so hot, even in the woods, even at 8:00 tonight. So, at the suggestion of my pal Susi, we made some sponge balls. Ooooeee did the kids have some LOUD wet fun. Here they are in the front yard splatting:

By the way, the sponge balls are an excellent alternative to water balloons. Call me pernickity, but I don't like having all those little balloon bits in the yard.

We have also been enjoying summer food. Our CSA box is a welcome addition to our life, since the beginning of June. Gathering Together Farm makes it so I do not have to go to the grocery store very much, which is a good good thing. (But I should probably not wait until there is only questionable homemade (cold) hot fudge, wilted radishes, two tablespoons of leftover hummus, and assorted condiments in the fridge, huh?) And, it takes the pressure off of me for making vegetables grow before it gets warm enough, which is always an issue. We do have some luscious strawberries happening:Oh summer, you are hot, but I love you so.

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