Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The Magic Tooth Theory

As Miss Eleanor was nearly drifting off to sleep last night, she complained, "I wish my tooth would come out." I offered to help for the millionth time, because it has been hanging by a thread for too many days. I wiggled a bit, but that was painful, and then, I just pushed on her gums, and POP it came out. She managed not to swallow it--she was lying down at the time. Then I realized it was July 1st. She got her first tooth EXACTLY 6 years ago, on July 1st 2002. Is that not weird. I am pretty sure that Gus did the same thing. I wonder how many kids loose their teeth so close to 6 years after they get them. Here is a photo of Ella (as she was known then--maybe even Ellabean) on July 1, 2002. What a cutie. She IS wearing a Christmas shirt--as I recall it was the only white longsleeved shirt she had (and a handmedown from Gus, at that) to protect her from the hot hot sun in Cashmere, WA as Robert and I paraglided. OOOeee. You cannot see the tooth here. But it was there. She and Gus also both started walking the same week they got their tooth. Gus actually started talking at the same time, too. El was ahead of the verbal game. Only 3 months after this photo was taken she said, "Don't do dat to me mama!" I just want to eat her up in this photo. Good thing I didn't!

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kathypiet said...

I loved the new photos of the dance recital and the old photos of baby Eleanor. ~Aunt Kathy