Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Doggett Days of Summer

well, here it is the last week in august, and the girls went to bed wearing stocking caps. i kid you not. gus wore some newly acquired footy pj's with polar bears on them. is it cold here? the tomatoes which are not growing in my garden, but in my lovely friend's, have late tomato blight. could it be because the average temperature for evenings hovers near 50 not 60 this year. ahhh august.
since i didn't post daily all summer, and i am going on a trip, and won't be back until september, i thought i would blog a bit about our summer. so here they are, the doggett days of summer:

there's eleanor on the rocks.
we went to the coast one day in june. it was really, really cold and windy. the kids were doing death-defying feats on the rocks. this just about captures it. yes, she was really on a cliff of rocks and the churning ocean was just below.
here are gus and eleanor on their bikes for the 4th of july parade.

a good time was had by all. i made a fool of myself in front of some law enforcement personnel with a streamer. the only thing missing was a MARCHING BAND, like this:
see, corvallis, this is how it's done. (lovin the cute band director, too.)

this here is country fair. where else can you dress like a fairy and meet a 15 foot tall flower? where? and gnomes? they got them, too.

oh my it's late now i must go to bed. more soon.
love to everyone.


kat said...

how did we miss the gnomes and the super tall flower? awesome!

Knittripps said...

Love the gnomes. Very nice.