Sunday, May 31, 2009

Goodbye May

And now we must bid adieu to the lusty month of May. It is so lusty around here, with flowers going crazy: lilacs, irises like mad, rhododendrons, lupines starting, columbines colliding and hummingbirds and butterflies zipping and fluttering through it all. The squirrels and chipmunks seem to be holding their own in the world of exploding nature around here, and a few mice have found their way in--I have been brutal, as one must if one wants not to lose one's home to rodentia. It seems like there is no better place to be at this time of the year, although we have been spending some time up in John's Landing, which is in Southwest Portland, in a sweet Victorian with real gingerbread. Here's some photos of our woodsy wonderland:

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Tan Family said...

Wow...gorgeous pictures! I love your blog and I'm going to start following it. --Jennifer