Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Mother Warrior

It is late, and I have just read a book from cover to cover for the first time in a while. What book could be keeping me up this late? What book is worth sacrificing sanity and sleep? MOTHER WARRIORS by Jenny McCarthy.
Mother Warriors: A Nation of Parents Healing Autism Against All Odds Cover

I don't really know who Jenny McCarthy is, being a TVphobe, aside from the fact that she's a comedienne, who also happens to be 'with' a comedian named Jim Carrey. What a home it must be. I also recognized her name because a couple years ago, while picking up another copy of The Baby Book by the Searses I saw her book Belly Laughs which was mostly humor about how round she got when she was pregnant and how sick she felt a lot of the time. Not my cup of tea.

Jenny is now speaking out LOUDLY about the connection between vaccinations and autism. This whole book is about it. It has stories of other mothers and fathers who have helped bring their children back from the abyss of autism with diet and supplements, and other therapies such as chelation and treating candida. OH MY GOODNESS THE WORLD NEEDS THIS BOOK.

I did not vaccinate my children (except Gus and El did have one round of DT before we went to Mexico, to which Gus reacted. Thank goodnes we had homeopathic DT! He stopped reacting after 1 dose.). I do not know the pain and suffering of the parents who did and saw their children slip away as a direct result. I hope they will read this book and find their way to Defeat Autism Now! or DAN! and Jenny's organization, Genration Rescue.

Thank you Jenny McCarthy! You are a true Mother Warrior.


Tommy said...

Having Jenny McCarthy on CNN and Oprah saying she would trade autism for measles is NOT THE ANSWER. Logical fallacies, such as this false dilemma, and the more common post hoc, ergo propter hoc arguments levied by families impacted by ASD are NOT defeating autism.

Since many anti-vaxers already acknowledge that side effects are more tied to additives than to the antigens themselves, why not promote constructive solutions focused on *fixing* vaccines and more importantly, fixing broken regulatory processes that allow drugs with serious side effects through the approval process in the first place?

sarah said...

i haven't seen her interviews, and didn't know she said that. she certainly did not say that in her book, and of course there are serious complications which can occur from all of the childhood diseases that the vaccines are meant to stop. I agree that isn't the answer, I also think that not giving vaccines to babies so young would help a lot.
many babies are vaccinated on their first day of life--get em while you can, and a lot of other serious problems like vaccinating sick children or kids with already depressed immune systems. that's where the problems come in... a lot of kids are vaccinated with no problems at all. and then the unlucky ones with immune systems that can't handle it get completely screwed. what i liked about the book is that here is a parent taking the problem into her own hands and spotlighting a lot of other parents who are also doing that. their solutions might not work for everyone, but they are working for some families and some children.

Jenell said...

I just heard about this from another blog. They referenced an article written by--Jim Carrey! I thought it was a very objective and well-rounded argument.

Why haven't you shared your blogs before?! I will add you as a "follower"...friend. :)