Monday, September 13, 2010

lately in crafting news....

the harvest was crafted into blueberry jam and peach butter (and lots of frozen fruits for later yum)

Eleanor crafted "Joy" from Martha Stewarts Big Book of Sewing Crafts,
which she received from Nana for her birthday.

At long last, Lucy crafted a Mei Tai so she can carry around her babies.

Forest received and proudly weird his 'Manly Vest' made by Momo while I await another skein of 'cherry twist' aka the red yarn for Nana's sweater

Cousin Esther rocks and rolls with her bonnet, also made by me, when she was incubating, and looks like rasta baby. I hope she will grow into it and it will fit her during a season it's needed.


Emily said...

ha! I love that pic of Forest on Lucy's back. I tried putting Scarlett on my back in the Ergo carrier but she hated it, her poor little head kept bumping against my back. It's really cute though.

sarah said...

It's a doll, Emily, although she does sometimes carry Forest in the Ergo on her back.