Wednesday, November 03, 2010


In the words of my friend Kat, "Halloween in this town is an endurance sport!" We have had a very full weekend of Halloween fun, and now, we are recovering. Here are some of the photos:
Pre-Halloween Hair-doing

Samantha, An American Girl from The Turn of the Century

Rose Wilder

Harry Potter casting Expelliarmus!

Our very own Baby Bumblebee!


Kate Hoesing said...

but wait!--did he fly to the rooftop--or did Harry P zap him there??

Kate Hoesing said...

He can fly!

Emily said...

That Harry Potter costume is great. And can I just add, I'd really like to nibble on that bumble bee's cheeks right now??

Kathy P. said...

What fabulous costumes! Even more fabulous are the beautiful children wearing them!