Tuesday, April 19, 2011

New things! PhotoSunday! Fonga Rhythms!

It's spring, like I said earlier, and spring is a time for new things.
First: walking baby.
Really walking, not hardly even the drunken swagger he had at first.
And is he proud of himself? Oh yes. He's a big boy now.

But, sometimes he likes to pretend hes' a 'tiny baby', and then he crawls into the library book basket, (which he has first rid of all library books by tasting them and then throwing them on the floor) and his siblings take him for a ride. He loves it!


Please join us in our photo projects. I've made a new page just for PhotoSunday! We had a very successful first attempt at photo sharing this Sunday. We spent a few minutes with each photo, offering each other constructive criticism. It was amazing to hear the children talk to each other and to us about our photos. This is going to be so much fun!

PhotoSunday! Flickr set.

In other news:

We have spent two wonderful afternoons at fellow homeschoolers' home doing some WEST African Drumming. This was great fun for all. The first time, Forest slept through the entire thing, so neither of us got to participate, but this time we were there. We learned a Fonga rhythm from Senegal, which our teacher, Michelle says is played at important events like parties and weddings.

It made me so lonesome for my brother Pete--that is DOCTOR Peter Hoesing to you! My little bro is now Peter Hoesing PhD! I call him the Doctor of Drums. I hope that's okay with him. He is an inspiration to all of us. I only wish I could have been a little fly on an anthill when he was the drummer for the wedding while he was there.
By the way, Dr. Uncle Pete says there is a special song for kids like forest. It means something like "Will toddle to anthill and eat the white ants" Maybe I can get him to say it for me again in Luganda.


Emily said...

I tried to watch the video but it says it's private. And it won't let me in. Which is sad, because I REALLY want to see the little guy walkin'.

hi, i'm kat. said...

oh, i wonder if there is room for us in this awesome class by the amazing michelle ;) beautiful photos my friend... you lead an enchanting life in your forest like a pied piper, it makes me want to be one of your children!

Jennifer said...

Love it! Forest is really movin' huh? And that's a pretty serious Pete shout-out. Yay Dr. Hoesing!

yelapagirl said...

thats so cute sarah!!!!!!!! i miss you guys!!!!!!!
lots of hugs and kisses,

ansateza said...

I like all your pictures. they are original.
Regards \and many luck Ana from wellbeing