Thursday, March 14, 2013

In other Birthday news....

Gus turned 13--on Monday, and I am, thus far, enjoying being a mother of a teenager!
Several times a day, Big Guy says 'Happy Birthday Mama!'  It's everyone's birthday, isn't it?  I usually respond with 'A very merry unbirthday to you!' He sort of gets it.  All the birthday and unbirthday wishes make for a rather festive air around here.
Right at this moment, four big boys are sleeping out in a tent they set up by themselves.  I have a walkie-talkie just in case they need me.  I'm not sure any of them would ever admit to needing me.
I successfully baked and frosted a hobbit-hole gluten and egg free cake.  It actually tasted good, too.
I managed to lock my keys in the car which is not a good thing, but it meant that I had time to actually make the cake instead of taking Eleanor to her piano lesson--which wasn't great for her, either, but she just took it calmly and practiced for that time instead.  What a trooper.
I danced like a crazy mama in Nia today.  It rocked.
Daffodils are blooming!
We facetimed with our friend Jenny yesterday and it was so fun.  We got to show her all of the little things we were doing, many of which were directly inspired by her--Eleanor was playing the piano that Jenny scored for us.  Lucy's daffodil bunting (something Jenny would totally do) was drying on the counter.  I had just made 2 loaves of bread in prep for the influx of hungry boys.  Lucy and forest were reading together on the couch.  Gus and Forest had just finished lining up all the matchbox cars.  Jenny's influence is everywhere in our home, and it's so fun to use technology to share!  Yay