Saturday, November 24, 2007

Fall is....

Well, for one thing, fall is nearly over, isn't it? I guess we have about one third of fall left. However, yesterday and today, the weather has turned so tremendously cold, that it really seems wintry outside. Mittens are in order, and hats, and possibly long johns.

Fall is always a busy time, perhaps for everyone, but I seem to tend to kick the creation part of my life into overdrive starting around the end of September. And, usually around about this time, I'm ready to go to sleep until January 1st or so, because I've already burned my candle at both ends, albeit in celebratory ways. This year has turned out to be not much different than most in this regard. I've had a few recent reality checks, from the kiddos, from Robert and from my own body and (lost) mind.

With all this creativity happening, I often have the thought, "Oohh, that needs to go into the blog," and then, it is 1 or 2 o'clock am and I need to sleep instead of blogging. That is pretty much the case tonight. But, since we have just returned from a nice Thanksgiving with Aunt, Uncle, Cousin, and Honorary Aunt and Uncle, who haven't even seen what our Halloween costumes were like, well, it seems like possibly the rest of the relatives may be in the 'want to know' about how fall has been before it's dead and gone, too.