Tuesday, January 08, 2008

And the text that was supposed to go with that...

We all seem to have caught hold of the energy of a new year.  On New Year's Eve, Gus announced his plan to rearrange his room for the new year.  And, before I was really even fully awake yesterday, he and Ella were busy moving furniture.  They continued the project for about 3 hours until it was finished.  I only helped a tiny bit by helping to move the bed and dresser, and by suggesting a new home for the wooden train so we could retire the cardboard box.  I think he's pleased with the results.  It was sweet to watch the two of them solving the problems of moving furniture.  Their cooperation has continued today as they built a whole world, including the train, and Pizza Hut and McDonald's.  However, those two establishments were not long lived.  They couldn't decide how to remedy the problem of wanting a drive-thru, and McDonald's not having healthy food.  Oh, how I know this dilemma.  I have often lamented for a 'healthy, good for you fast food option'  it doesn't exist.  They seem to have arrived at the decision to make a 'drive-thru American Dream'   American Dream is the local and yummy pizza place.  
I'm not going to write a lot more now but I need to post a few holiday photos:

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