Friday, February 01, 2008

Somethin's happenin here. What it is ain't exactly clear.

First: Dadun is now Juggling while balancing!  A movie would probably be more appropriate, but for now, you get the 'still.'  'Am I smiling in the picture?' asked he.  One must perfect one's clown act if one is to be in a cirque, non?  Me, I'm mostly afraid of the balance board, due to the yet protesting ankle.  However, I am getting a bit better, and soon will not be embarrassed to show the kids now 'good' I am getting.  
Second:  It has been snowing and then snowing, and snowing some more, lately.  This is normal for winter in other parts of the country, but for us here in the Pacific NW, not so much.  The kids think it's pretty cool, but the need some snow proof mittens.  However, they did not need their mittens to make MOLASSES ON SNOW CANDY!! 
 Which they must have thought was yummy because they were all covered in molasses that day, and it was gone by the time Dad woke up.  
Also, we seem to be getting into bluegrass music, a little more around here.  Well, 'we' meaning the kids.  I took Gus up to the Rivercity Bluegrass Festival in January, and actually do have a video of his
 bluegrass debut on stage.  Our plans are forming to go to Wintergrass, and for at least Gus to take part in the Kid's Academy up there.  Here is the video:
We have also had several very interesting shows in the living room theatre this month.  One very involved piece was called 'Knitting Music'  It seemed to revolve around a composer (Gus) and 'the girl next door'  (Ella) who really liked to knit.  The plots are getting much better.  We had some plot discussions after some of the very (very, very) long  puppet shows around Christmas.  The plays are usually followed by a dance performance.  I didn't get a good shot or movie of the play, but here is Ella:


sunshine3080 said...

Sounds great, Gus! Keep up the good work. Also, Robert's juggling antics put my own to shame. I've never attempted the balance board, but it looks like fun!

kathypiet said...

I LOVED the video of the Blue Grass music! Video is a GREAT addition to this blog. I can't wait to see some dancing girls one of these days... or some juggling.
Love, Aunt Kathy.

Anonymous said...

I juggle...sure I do.

The kids, the husband, a part time job, life...but never balls or rings and the like.;)

And I see you have a liking for felted acorns?

I LOVE FELTED ACORNS! In addition to other felted things.