Saturday, March 01, 2008


We've arrived home safely from Wintergrass  and full of all of the sounds of it.  Our favorites were Väsen and Joe Craven--well, I liked Pearl Django, too, and Joe played a mean root beer box with them.  I haven't downlaoded photos or any video yet from that, because since we got back one or the other of us has been sick.  Today, we spent the day listening to "Mrs. Piggle-Wiggle's Magic" on CD, and lounging and napping on various horizontal surfaces.  A down day, onemight say.  The kids were perking up by the end of the night, but I went to the grocery store and pretty much got stuck in the vortex, and couldn't make my brain think of what might be good to eat for supper.  Therefore, sick children ate smoothies (no dairy) and then some rice and nori later.  Isn't there some thing like "feed a cold, starve a fever?"  At least one of us had a fever today, so whether we're feeding or starving I do not know but, once again, thank goodness for smoothies.  
I was looking through some photos and I thought I'd post one of Gus using the sewing machine, because I think it's so cute, and because I haven't downloaded any new ones recently.  He's making a crayon pouch for Ella, a Christmas gift meant to appease her longing for one like his.  She likes it very much and rearranges her crayons daily. 
The other one is of a local pal, Mr. Rough Skinned Newt, held by our friend Lucas.  Newts are always such a delight to encounter.  They live in our pond, but lately on our walks we are seeing many of them.  The like the wet weather.  
I hope everyone out there in the blogosphere is happy and healthy.  Must drink more tea.....

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lisa said...

Hi Sarah, Here's your first comment! I'm glad you guys are all healthy, and I'm happy to find you here in the blogsphere! :-)
-lisa and ruby