Friday, May 16, 2008

Bloging again!

note to self: blog more often. it has been a long time, been a long time, been a long lonely lonely lonely lonely time, especially if you were waiting to hear what is happening in the cirque. circus life is a bit strange, you know. it has its ups, it has its downs. gus reported tonight that were he in a circus, he would like to ride a unicycle on a tightrope, while juggling 3 basketballs. now, this is surprising considering he was once very acrophobic. however, it could have something to do with the hero worship relationship our whole family seems to be cultivating with our friend bill the baker, who can actually unicylce and jubble (dribble/juggle) 3 basketballs. we haven't seen him on the tightrope but i'm sure it could happen.

winter is gone. it was 85 in the shade at 6:00 tonight. besides warding off meltdowns, there was some warding off actual melting that had to happen before the little ones could sleep tonight. the northwest makes us all rather, well, like pansies, not pansy-assed, but like the violet variety which can stand neither too hot nor too cold, but can live most of the year in the northwest. i dunno about 85 in may though. i'm just glad we didn't leave the big woods and take the wagon into town today. ooeeee. we did eat the seasons first watermelon, which felt right on our mouths but didn't taste so right. here's to eating seasonal produce! i just signed up for my BOX from gathering together farm! good dang thing, too, since i only have peas and garlic planted. and not much of those. here are some photos from our recent days at jenny's greenhouse. jenny is gone to australia for three whole months, and we have been missing her much, it helps to go over to her greenhouse and just be in her space for a while. We planted some lettuces with her before she left, and we were pleased that when we came back from boise they and been watered, thanks to the house sitter, and that there were even some growing up through the rocks in the floor. we planted basil seeds and they should be up by now. we shall go and check tomorrow and maybe transplant. the kids love to mix the perlite and coco hull stuff into the soil, mixmixmix. we still have plans for a big garden this year.

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