Friday, May 16, 2008

A Visit to Boise

Well, since I haven't blogged in forever, I'm just going to have to do a bunch in one night. I need to go to bed soon since I have a baby on the way (no, sillies, I'm a doula, remember!) I wanted to post some photos from our visit to Boise. I packed up the kids a couple weeks ago and drove off to Boise to get in some Nana and Grandpa time. We were well over due! We had a really good time, hanging out, meeting new friends, going to the zoo, getting some sun, and just getting loved up by Nana and Grandpa. The pictures say more than I can. I think the highlights of the trip were: Playing dress up, reading Little House at night, going on walks with Bart, Jack and Nana, taking both of the dogs for a run with Grandpa, getting May Baskets--especially because I forgot it was even May Day, and definitely building a bird house and bird feeder with Grandpa.

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