Thursday, October 23, 2008

10 things to love right now

(soulemama asked....)

1. unabashed enthusiasm for halloween in the form of asking several times daily when i will have a chance to start working on costumes. (i think the cutting will happen tonight)
2. as always, the oranges and reds of fall, such as these:3. the japanese maple in our front yard

4. fall food, and its colors, such as the carmelized cippolini onion and chard empanadas we had for supper with acorn squash rings.
5. this boy and his many disguises and occupations

6. Eleanor's new habit of taking up her knitting when we get home as a way of calming down.
7. Listening to Robert father the children gently when he knows I am tired.
8. Hanging out at my local farm as a 'will work for foodie' and experiencing vegetable therapy as i work off my tomato debt.
9. Eating fresh salsa and enjoying the sight of jars of sauce in freezer and on shelves.
10. The friendship of my children, and our ability to be with each other, even the waxing and waning of it in this wild life.

and you, out there in the blogosphere... what about you?

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