Monday, October 06, 2008

Many Days are Bright in October.....

Red and yellow leaves on the Autumn trees are floating everywhere.

It is raining, I am knitting and sewing and being my crafty fall self. I don't have any photos of it though. We went camping, finally. To the redwoods. I have some photos of that but I'm not going to put them in this post, because I need to go to bed early and it's already 11:00.

We have been never-at-homeschoolers lately. I have a dream of staying home and just knitting with the kids for a few days straight. it hasn't happened yet. we have 3 days for sure in town a week this year. violin, ballet, cello, gymnastics and german, park day and now a new gym day.... when do we get to just chill at the homestead, ma? ma does not know.

ma does not seem to ever loose her cool. did you notice that, too when you were reading the Little House books? "Charles!" is about as hot under the collar as she ever gets. and she didn't even have whiskey or tranquilizers. or at least not that laura ever remembered. well, neither do i, but i definitely get more ruffled than ma. tonight a friend was over and the kids were playing little house, and at dinner all 3 girls did not talk unless the adults talked to them. Gus was Pa so he got to talk. It was great! That was a good idea those folks had. I am in major noise overload lately and wonder why it is that all of the kids seem to have gotten my resonance gene and not the softspoken dad gene? why? when we were in the woods it took the whole time we were there to quiet down a bit. now the volume has been turned back up to eleven. ah well, a lesson to this ma to chill and speak softly and calmly and lead by example.

more soon with photos.


Knittripps said...

I am thankful for the changing of the seasons. I love the red and yellow leaves. Yesterday I had the house to myself and I spent the day on the couch knitting. It was pure bliss.

kat said...

uh, are channeling ma. i know, i have been there (to your house!) and experienced it :)