Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jaldi Cello!

in india, where i was headed ten years ago right now, to say let's go, you say chelo! if you want to go fast, you say jaldi chelo! i don't know how to spell any of this stuff, but, my pal ella who grew up with indians in london told me that when we were riding in a tuktuk through the streets of dehli. it all seems like a very far cry from the second pew of the first congregational church in corvallis, or, where i was privleged enough to watch this performance by the cirque's resident cello player to whom i often say, 'jaldi, cello!'

do you love the hat? when people say, 'gus, i like your hat!' he says, 'it's not my hat.' why does he say that? because it's my hat. but, he does not say, 'it's my mom's hat.' i find that funny. i wish you could see his ensemble beyond the hat. it's so classic. a plaid shirt and a plaid vest and a stripy tie topped off with his favorite corduroy blazer, which he sewed the buttons on 10 minutes prior to departure to the concert. every performer should be able to do his own costume repairs. i love it that he is not afraid to wear what he wants, and that his 'dressing up' style is so awesome.


kat said...

gus rocks! and you know how much we love his look!! let us know the next time he is playing somewhere, we would love to see him preform!

phildomain said...

Way to go, Gus!! This is the first time I've been able to see and hear you play music, and I appreciate the opportunity!