Sunday, January 25, 2009

the new adventure

i really have no idea who reads this stuff, and sort of assume that most who do already know me, and have a rough idea of what is happening at the cirque de doggett. this past week was the beginning of what i have been calling 'the new adventure' 'l'adventure nouveau' if you will. i don't know how to say adventure in japanese, don't know if i ever did. said adventure is about change. ch ch ch change in a big way for our fam. for, as gus pointed out, 'dad, you got a new job the same week as obama got a new job' yes. it's true, and we are all feeling grateful for so many things this week. right now, even as they sleep, the chillins are grateful that dad is home for the weekend. one of them is dreaming about his new loft bed as dad drills holes in the living room so that they can put it together tomorrow. we're grateful for a relatively painless way of getting to and from portland where the new job is located, thank you amtrak. we're grateful for the sweet new digs in a quiet sweet neighboorhood up there, and the 3 mile bike ride to work. i'm grateful for the continued opportunity to learn together with the kids. i'm grateful that robert is willing and able to be on this new adventure. i know that i have been extremely lucky as a mama to have had him so nearby for all of the time that the kiddos were wee. i mean, just check these photos out:

he's an amazing dad! he has been with me on this adventure called parenting for more than 9 years now and he never ceases to amaze me. he is beyond calm and gentle with the kids, especially when i cannot seem to be. he is funny and silly when we all need some of that. he is way better at bedtime stories than me. he has rolled with all of the changes, like having babies at home, using cloth diapers, carrying kids in slings and sleeping with them at night, raising vegetarians, ditching the tv, learning at home, and is still rolling. i feel incredibly blessed.


kat said...

you are both AMAZING parents, and make an amazing team together! i like hanging out with you guys so a little of it can rub off on me ;)

tell robert we wish him the best, and hope all is going well with his new adventure! hopefully chris will be on a new adventure soon too!!

Linda said...

Wow, that would be my dream. Stay here where the kids have their friends but also have a little place in Portland. *sigh* What kind of work is he doing?

Scott is the same way. He rarely gets stressed (unlike me) and is always able to defuse situations with humor. And of course he's been right there with me in all the weird things I've decided to do. ;)