Monday, March 30, 2009

Third Post in One Sitting AKA Gus turns 9.

Yes, I'm making up for lost time and toasting myself by the fire. We went for a walk today and I have not been warm until now. One of the reasons no posting happened in the earlier or even Ides of March, is that it was birthday time. Having 2 birthdays in one week always takes me a few weeks to get ready for and a few weeks to recover from. Gus did turn 9, and with Gusto. He wanted a mystery birthday party, and Eleanor was my partner in secrecy and planning. The story goes something like this: She was so fed up with having two siblings with birthdays in a week that she stole the cake, the presents and the whole shebang, and left 'clues' by which the rest of us could find it. We had a bunch of fun hiding the clues and figuring things out. What we did NOT plan for is the super sleuth DOG named ANNE who decided to eat the lovely 8 layer birthday cake while it was on it's way to the hiding place. So, if you look carefully at that photo up there you will see a cake with sort of a grand canyon cut into it. Good dang thing I made 8 layers and not the normal 2. After some hysterics by both me and Gus, we managed to have a mystery birthday party. We even had secret agent badges. I highly recommend checking out for lots of easy fun birthday party ideas. We didn't use one idea word for word, but it was great food for thought. And, I think despite the mishap, everyone had a good time.


kat said...

we had a GREAT time! we were so impressed with the ideas and the organization, and the cake was awesome!!

Lori said...

happy birthday to gus! my 9yo would appreciate that hat & cape. ;^)

and glad to hear the cake was rescued! lol