Monday, March 30, 2009

What everyone has really been waiting for:

I know 'everyone' is a relative term, because I really have no clue who reads this thing, but I know also that you probably aren't really interested in my prattle about my garden. I was writing that while waiting for all of my photos to download from various cameras. I had 172 photos on my iphone! whew! That daffodil photo came from there, not great color, but it will have to do, because my other camera was out of batteries. Here are some more updates from this past month:That's Lucy. She's 6 years old now. She is nearly as excited about being 6 as she was about being 5. She has lost 2 teeth, and another one is wiggly. And, she can also ride her bike with only 2 wheels and without wiping out. at. all. She loves to ride her bike:

She has also started her acting career outside of home. She's moved on from her role as the Shoemaker's wife, to one of 'A Butterfly' in the story Coyote and the Butterflies. She is flying in this photo, that's why she's so blurry. She has also been acting at home more, and played 'The Strawberry Fairy' in a recent show starring herself and Eleanor as 'The Lavender Fairy'

She spent yesterday on the couch with a fever of 101.6. All I can figure out is that she was teething. Six year molars are a pain in the mouth. I remember my sister saying, "I have a stick in my mouth, Mom!" (or at least hearing stories of this.) I have to get me some more Hyland's Teething Tablets.
She was absolutely thrilled to receive a real Dorothy dress from my Mom, the sewing whiz, for her birthday. Here she is, sweetly sweating in it yesterday:

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Kathy P. said...

I love this photo. Does she have any ruby slippers?