Saturday, August 01, 2009

Happy August

I'm not gonna promise, but I'd like to do at least a photo a day for all of August. I also wanted to tell you that that snake on Gus' wrist is totally real. It's called a rubber boa, and it lives under the tarp on our pile of soil. It will hang out on a wrist for a while, then it gets sort of sick of it and will slither away. Fun, huh? We like to learn lots of tricks with our forest friends.
It has been kinda hot here, I know we all keep talking about it. It's just that temperatures of 100 degrees make us all a little more nutty out here in the pacific NW than we are usually, which means we're a bunch of fried granolas. That sounds like a very very bad thing, doesn't it? I actually got a sunburn on my legs for the first time since the Madison Public Pool, I think. We were escaping the heat in our friend Meg's pond. It was total bliss!
Gus had a great time in this boat after everyone else jumped out. He rowed all around the pond. That boy sure has a nautical streak.
I also wanted to add that I've been having a lot of fun with my new toy, a Canon T1i, a gift extraordinare from my sweetie. We used to have a lot of fun doing photos together, and now we are again. Just ONE good picture is a lot easier to come by when you can take so many and not have to think about all that film you're wasting. That's about all from the woodsy woods.
Oh, except that:
The Cirque de Doggett will be adding a new act to the show come March 2010. That's right, a new Baby Doggett. How's about that for a summer surprise!


SkinKiss said...

Congratulations Sarah and Family! You are such a great mom - what a fabulous family this baby will be born into.

Karen, Ella, Claire and Amelia

Richard and Andrea said...

Is this why neither of you responded to our emails requesting the cradle for Jessica?

Congratulations on your news.

Richard and Andrea