Tuesday, August 25, 2009


So I'm getting lots of messages that you people don't like snakes. Sheesh! At least I know someone's watching. Now it will be easier to behave myself. Well, how about dogs and flowers. Stick with what's safe. Well okay. And that whole plan to post a new photo every day of August, it is not happening. What is? Lots of nothing accompanied by quite a case of nausea. I'm sure someday I will look back on this time and have a good laugh. Anne, like many a good Vizsla I've known, has become my constant companion because she knows I don't feel so hot. See her up there in the sun? Isn't she just cute. Her face is getting so white, she's like a ghost dog. During Gus and Mom Camp week (aka Brownie Day Camp week) when we took her to the coast, Gus kept saying, "She's smiling Mom!" Of course. We all were. She also tries to sit very near me while I do yoga. It doesn't work so good. I keep pushing her out of the way, but she continues to snuggle. Today, Gus was reading Encyclopedia Brown on the purple cloud chair, and Anne basically sat on top of him. He told her to move, moved positions and then she proceeded to sit on top of him again. He said, "Don't take a picture of me, Mom." So, I didn't. Don't you wish I had?

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