Saturday, December 12, 2009


So my pal Kat has been doing a sweet little happy list for a few days... and she inspired me!
Today I am happy about:

1. Getting home safely in the freezing rain after going out to get some more water because our pipes are busted (you have to say this if you live in the country).

2. I kept the fire going all day yesterday, even with a trip to town thrown in.

3. We have really rockin neighbors. They helped in every way possible with the busted pipe situation.

4. When my kids found out that a local family had lost their home and everything they have to a fire, they went around gathering up some loved items and adding them to a big pile for them.

5. I found "The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus" on YouTube. Stop action yumminess!

6. Baby Doggett likes music! He/she starts dancing around when there's music about. Yay!
(Uncle Tom teaching Eleanor how to do the folksy strum.)


kat said...

so nice sarah! it is such a great practice....mindful gratitude, especially when we are witness to what our friends have just lost!

Linda H. said...

I couldn't believe how cold it got. We got stuck in the freezing rain too! Were lucky to get home. Also, lucky not to have any pipes burst, although they did freeze for a while! Wow, so awful for that family and their home. And so great that we live in such a caring community.