Wednesday, December 30, 2009


We have been busybusy and continue to be so with holiday crafting and parties and eating and sometimes cleaning up. I am still working on some projects, and will be for a while, since I adopted an attitude of "It can happen later" when I realized all of my crafty stuff was not going to get done. I mostly helped the kids do their crafty stuff for each other and relatives. They still have some things they would like to make for friends and each other, so I guess we'll just keep on going and try to keep the crafty mess to a dull roar. Bellybaby must think it's a lot of fun out here, because he/she is very active all of the time (and didn't sleep at all on Christmas Eve either, talk about stirring!)
Here are some photos of our adventures.... Robert has the ones from Christmas on his camera so I will have to get some from him:

Crafting for friends

The Tree! (A 'volunteer' growing in the wrong spot for our yard)

Gus: Tailor of fine clothes (for sisters' dollies)

Lucy with the pillow she needle felted and sewed for Grandma Donna

Eleanor making latkes, yummy!

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