Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Small Change for February

So... the diapers are not made yet, but I did leave for 10 days in January, and so I will get them done in this short month. For February, I would like to commit to bringing my grocery bags every time I go to the store. I have a lot of them. My Mom made some for Christmas last year, so I even have pretty bags. I usually take them when I go to the Co-op, especially if it is a planned trip. However, we usually end up with plastic if we go to a different store. I would also like to sew a few more cloth produce bags so that I can quit using plastic there, as well. I wonder how everyone else is doing???


Charlie said...

Take a couple of bags and leave them in the trunk of your car. That way, every time you go to the store, you will have the bags with you. The trick is unloading the groceries and bringing the bags back out to the car. Works great, though, for those times you are already out, and then decide to go to the store.

sarah said...

This is the problem I have, Charlie. I have lots of bags, but they never make it back to the I guess that's what this month is about. There are some there now! An added bonus is they won't be taking up hook space in the mudroom. :)