Thursday, March 24, 2011

One whole year.

Totally unbelievable how time flies when there is a baby. I can't believe you're one, sweet Forest! You have made our lives better in so many ways. You wake up happy, and we start our days with smiles. You make us laugh with the funny things you do. Your curiosity is insatiable, and reminds us to be curious all over again. We are so lucky to have you in our family!


Emily said...

I remember exactly where I was when I heard that Forest was born. I can't wait to snack on his cheeks sometime soon.

hi, i'm kat. said...

i was thinking that i remember exactly where i was when you told me you were pregnant, and i was lucky enough to have spent some time with you on your birth day...then the calls about your labor and birth. such lovely, heart warming memories and now a smiley, squishy forest to love on! happy birth day to you both :) (belated)