Tuesday, March 08, 2011


Eight years ago right now we were lost in baby bliss land with a brand new Lucy Sky in our arms. Oh she was sweet and precious and pink and wonderful. Just look at her. She has made our lives so rich these eight years with her sense of humor and her sweet smiles, her signature heart notes and "I love you" tripping off her lips all the time. In the whirlwind that was 3 kids in 3 years she sometimes got lost in the shuffle, as did they all, but she found ways of making herself known, heard and loved. She is so grown up now, so capable of so many things, and yet still wants snuggles just as she did when she was wee. She is an amazing big sister to her little brother, and an amazing little sister to her big siblings and we love her more every day. Thanks for coming to live with us, Lucy Sky!

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Emily said...

Yay, happy birthday (late) Lucy!