Saturday, November 03, 2012

day 2 : : Thanks Mom!

 Today I am thankful for my MOM!  On Nov 2, 1974, she did some very hard work and I was born!  She then proceeded to do so very much more, there aren't enough different ways of saying Thanks to cover even a fraction.  Mom, I think about you every day, many times a day and send silent gratitude to you and all that you are.  You taught me so many things, inspired the love of so much.  Especially on my BIRTH day, I like to thank you for standing up for what you knew to be true:  that your body worked well and that you could give birth naturally.  You can credit Johnny Rogers and his 98 yard touchdown for the Huskers, but I know better--it was YOU who gave birth to me, not him!  Having that as a beginning--well, it was just the beginning of a life of being a nature girl, I suppose!  Here we are on one of our Saturday rambles at Stone Park.  Good Times!


Shannon said...

Such a beautiful post for your mother!! xo

Knittripps said...

What a lovely post!

Also, happy birthday!

Emily said...

Charlie and I talked about you on your birthday and how we were going to call later, and we didn't. But here it is now, I hope you had an excellent birthday and I'll say that in person when I see you very soon!