Saturday, July 21, 2007

A cowboy's life....

The other day, Gus went to his dear friend Julia's birthday party. One of the party favors was a small plastic horse. Upon returning home, Gus realized that he needed a rider for the horse, and asked Dad whether or not he had any 'clay'. Upon hearing the reason why, a search commenced for the supply of Fimo that used to live in our house. I encouraged Gus to make a mock-up sculpture with Plasticine before making the real one out of Fimo. He did this, and I wish I had a photo to show but, I didn't take one. Within an hour of the first wishing for a cowboy, Gus had constructed this little guy:
Pretty groovy, huh? He was very enthused about the holster and guns. The little cowboy fit on his little horse perfectly and we baked him right up. (along with a Fimo 'lassoo') Meanwhile, Gus made a place for him to live out of Lincoln Logs and other ranch accessories he found around the house. There was a nice large corral for all of the horses (2) and many cattle as well.
I wish I could say this story had a happy ending, but, alas, we buried Mr. Fimo Cowboy in the garbage can yesterday. He was held together in about 5 places by crazy glue, and then got dropped on the floor and broke into little bits. Sniff sniff. Rest in peace little buckaroo.

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Kate Hoesing said...

What a fabulous cowboy!! I just love his pointy boots and his holster and the choice of colors and, well, everything about him.
So, do ya think you baked him too much or too little? I haven't ever heard of Fimo "breaking" after baking! So sad.....Gus, try again!